Sunday, 6 October 2013

The DoubleDeckher

On September 28th Dunedin Derby packed up their skating gear and headed on a road trip to Christchurch to play Dead End Derby in the DoubleDeckher. This was the first time our very own B-team, the Bonnie Brawlers, got to don their brand new uniforms and play in their very first bout against the Living Dead Rollers from Christchurch, Dead End Derby. Our A-team, the Gallow Lasses then had the opportunity to face off with the Dead End Derby All Stars. A big thank you to Dead End Derby for hosting the evening with the final score of the first game being Bonnie Brawlers 108 - Living Dead Rollers 238 and after a incredibly physical game, a victory for the Gallow Lasses with 185-130 against the All Stars! Also we are super proud of our MVPs Iodine Lashes from the Brawlers and Fox-Z from the Lasses. Instead of harping on about the evening though, we thought we would share our evening in the form of photos, so enjoy. And head on over to our pages and give us a like to keep up to date with our seasons events. Now to get back to training for nationals, see you on the track!

(All photo credit to Andrew MacKay unless otherwise mentioned in photo captions). 

p.s. for those of you who are new here, the Brawlers are in Pink and the Lasses are in purple with green tartan bottoms

Bonnie Brawlers vs Living Dead Rollers

VenomMISS Vixen

Photo credit to Craig Crew Photography
Rinx Minx and Toxic Princess

May Maim

Photo credit to Craig Crew Photography

Gallow Lasses vs Dead End Derby All Stars


Derby love

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