Sunday, 11 August 2013

Derby facials, only the best!

You know what's awesome?!? Derby facials! When you're on the track you completely forget about what your face is doing and concentrate on what your body is doing instead. But never fear, there is always a camera at the ready, hiding and waiting, to capture your derby facials. We thought you guys might enjoy a list of some amazing derby facials we have captured on camera thanks to Andrew MacKay and Marelda photography...

Much derby love

"The grunter"....we've ALL pulled this face at least once!

The "I have no idea what is happening" face

The "I've done something naughty and and trying to pull back" chin in face

The "unexpected bail" face

The "say whaaaat?" face

The "Imma destroy you"face

The face squish


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    1. Keep following our blog for more, cause we may have another round of awesome derby expressions to come soon!