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Dunedin Derby was created by a group of passionate skaters in April 2010, now ready to put Dunedin on the map in this dynamic, athletic, all-inclusive, and entertaining women’s sport.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Massive roller derby hits immortalised on camera!

A couple of posts ago we put together a bunch of action shots of hilarious derby facials. So we thought we would compile another set of photos but change up the theme a little this time. The hard hitting, fast action nature of our awesome sport means that, every now and then, we find skaters aren't always firmly planted on the floor. Here are some wicked shots of airtime during gameplay for your enjoyment...... Photo credit to Andrew MacKay and Marelda photography.

Fox-Z practices falling as elegantly as she can...

Orkazzmic goes for a mid-air spin....I can't actually figure out how she got into this position....

Mickey Malice - "What did you say about my wifey?!?!"

Neon Needle - "Hey you! Floor! Come at me bro"

Evil K'nevil is just hanging out in midair, while playing for a DD charity team

Sister Strychnine and Breaking Bridges - Sometimes we like to play zumba derby, cause that's just how we roll

Storm Rising, Diva DemolisHER, Orkazzmic - You know it's an awesome shot when 75% of the skaters are mid-air

Ana Phylaxis and Ruby Smash: Smash has a suspicious look on her face in the background while Phlax just goes for a casual tumble with a smile
Much Derby Love

Sunday, 18 August 2013

On transferring leagues by Rocket Queen

Changing leagues is probably one of the greatest derby challenges I've faced yet.  I've also learned a lot about myself, and it's given my love of derby a new energy! 

I moved to Dunedin from Wellington at the beginning of the year. I had done some secret-squirrel research on the Gallow Lasses at a tournament in Palmerston North the previous August and I liked their skating style and friendly attitudes, and was keen to get on the track with them.  However, I was leaving behind the League I had skated with for four years, and it was a bit like leaving the parental nest for the first time.  Rocking up to my first training with Dunedin Derby was, well, terrifying!  And then I started my first session with my new League.. PRE-SEASON FITNESS TRAINING!  It was the middle of summer, and the venue was sweltering.  I'd just spent a few months off, and let's just say cheap beer was on the menu far too often during that time.  The Dunedin Derby girls were running rings around me, and I thought I'd die from a fatigue/embarrassment combo and need to be stretchered out of the venue!  But my new friends got me through, cheering me on to do one last set of burpees, just one more shuttle run.. 

Rocket Queen as jammer leaving blocker Rick O'Shay in her wake of dust. Photo credit to "Poparazzi"Andrew MacKay .

Fast forward six or so months and I can look back on that first training and laugh!  I'm a lot fitter now, and proud to be a Dunedin Derby girl with a whole League of new friends.  I've had some awesome opportunities here such as helping DD raise money for the Otago Hospice playing in a charity bout, and I've been entrusted with helping train/regularly thrash our awesome Freshmeat. 

I've also had the privilege of bench managing the Gallow Lasses – a position of mutual trust that I have learned a lot from, and that has really helped me get to know these awesome skaters on and off the track.  Although at times it hasn't been easy watching from the sidelines, it's really let me step back and see how my new derby home works, and where I best fit in to that picture.  And it gave me a really good goal to work towards.. which, the other week, I got some really good news about – I got the phone call asking if I'd like to strap on my skates and train with the Lasses!  It's exciting stuff and I can't wait to earn the opportunity to don the green and purple tartan with my new team-mates!

Ana Phylaxis, Sister Strychnine, Rocket Queen and Wonder Wahine. Photo credit to "Poparazzi" Andrew MacKay

Much derby love,
Rocket Queen

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Derby facials, only the best!

You know what's awesome?!? Derby facials! When you're on the track you completely forget about what your face is doing and concentrate on what your body is doing instead. But never fear, there is always a camera at the ready, hiding and waiting, to capture your derby facials. We thought you guys might enjoy a list of some amazing derby facials we have captured on camera thanks to Andrew MacKay and Marelda photography...

Much derby love

"The grunter"....we've ALL pulled this face at least once!

The "I have no idea what is happening" face

The "I've done something naughty and and trying to pull back" chin in face

The "unexpected bail" face

The "say whaaaat?" face

The "Imma destroy you"face

The face squish

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Lady Luck gets to stay! The Triple BeHeader

Early in July, DD had the pleasure of hosting the second "Triple BeHeader" event. The fierce Sirens of Smash (SOS) and the mighty Otautahi Roller Derby League (ORDL) All Stars came down to Dunedin City in a fight for the"Lady Luck" trophy. A crowd of 700 joined us for this amazing event and got to witness some incredible talent on the track as all teams fought tooth and nail (well not literally, we did actually adhere to derby rules) for their chance to take home the lovely lady luck. It was a suspense and adrenaline filled night for spectators, skaters and coaches alike. 

As Captain, the Gallow Lasses always make me burst with pride, the "Triple BeHeader" was no exception. The most exhilarating part of home games for me is skating out with my team to the serenade of the bag pipes, the only time I will admit to getting “misty eyed”. The girls stormed the track hard and fast from the 1st game and showed dominance throughout all three games. Months of hard yards in training paid off on the night. The team played as a cohesive unit, fighting for every point and never letting up. Our strength on the night was team work and strategy, something we have been nailing down at training this year, the grin on our coach Phil’s face, after the final was enough to know we had done our job. - Nicki Noxious

The first heat between DD and ORDL went to DD with 161 to 41. 
(photo courtesy of Andrew MacKay, Popparazzi)

 Ana Phylaxis goes in for the hit on the ORDL jammer, backed-up by her teammate Fox-Zee and Ruby Smash. Awesome teamwork. We don't really know what Rick O'Shay is up to in the background here.

The second heat gave DD a short break as ORDL and SOS went head to head. Ultimately SOS took the game with 81 to 48. 
 (photo courtesy of Pamela Wade Photography)

The SOS jammer sprints off while her teammate blocker lands a solid blow on the ORDL jammer.

The final heat saw DD back on the track opposing SOS resulting in DDs second win for the evening with 116 to 80. Yay! We had made the finals!
(photo courtesy of Andrew MacKay, Popparazzi)

Quick as lightning, Diva DemolisHER dashes through the SOS blockers

The final was an epically fought battle, with the ouctome in DDs favour, 246 to 150. Woohoo! We get to keep lady luck for another year! Even if we did temporarily misplace her at the afterparty, she's back home now!
 (photo courtesy of Andrew McKay)

Captain Nicki Noxious and Ruby Smash carry out some awesome partner blocking to hold back the SOS jammer

After a shaky start to the final the lasses pulled it together  to show our home crowd we meant business, closing the deal with a huge final score. We've had a good start to the year and are looking forward to playing more NZ teams, and training hard for Derby Royale later in the year - Nicki Noxious

All in all, it was a great night and wouldn't have been nearly as successful without our incredible marketing and sponsorship teams, refs, NSOs, managers, photographers AND spectators. Last but not least, huge shout out to our coach Philip Shaw and our bench manager Rocket Queen for their outstanding work! Can't wait for next years be-header! We're already training for it ;).


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Welcome our B-team: The Bonnie Brawlers!

As promised, we are launching "Talk derby to me" with some incredibly exciting news! Announcing the first ever Dunedin Derby B-team.....

The Bonnie Brawlers

Check out the amazing Brawlers and their profiles here. These girls live and breathe roller derby and promise to be a formidable force on the track. Training alongside their Gallow Lass sisters, the two teams identify strongly with the Scottish heritage of Dunedin, donning their teams tartan on the track.

The Brawlers will be making their debut bout in Christchurch on September 28th against the Living Dead Rollers, and guarantee a wicked night of derby. And as if this isn't enough, the Brawlers will be playing in a bout against Richter city, along with their A-team Gallow Lass sisters on November 23rd on Dunedin turf. We have a few more exciting announcements up our sleeves, so be sure to follow us here on our website, or facebook so you don't miss out.