Sunday, 3 November 2013

Derby Royale 2013

As most of you will know, the Gallow Lasses recently headed off for the NZ nationals tournament 'Derby Royale' and came back placing 6th in NZ.

The day one scores were...

Richter city 185 vs Gallow Lasses 112
Hawkes Bay 14 vs Gallow Lasses 289
Mount Militia 86 vs Gallow Lasses 149

The day two scores were...
Swampies 113 vs Gallow Lasses 64
K-town 104 vs Gallow Lasses 141
Dead End Derby 129 vs Gallow Lasses 119

For those that could not make it, we decided to create a photo blog of the event, courtesy of a few talented photographers that dedicated their time to capturing these moments in history for us.

The incredible Geex Quad Photo supplied the following photos

And Sandra Carter Photography, provided these wonderful images which are available for purchase from here

See you on the track
Derby love

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