Sunday, 8 September 2013

Roller derby memes ... had to be done

Memes are everywhere but good DERBY memes seem hard to come by. It's high time derby memes became a thing, and well, the DD girls seemed perfect for the job. So here's a little something for a bit of a giggle, snort and laugh on your Monday morning. If you have made any derby memes you think are hilarious, chuck a link in the comments below, we would love to check them out.
Enjoy fellow derbians and derby muggles...

1. DD member May Maim was born to be made into a meme...
May Maims thoughts on derby

2. No explanation required: Rick O'Shay

3. Obama on a unicorn shooting rainbows out his hands.......I think DD player Fox-Z does this one better

4. Success kid meme..... Breaking Bridges FTW

5. Overly excited "ALL THE THINGS" meme with Sister Strychnine

6. Good Guy Greg..........Good Gal Gina? with Nicki Noxious

7. Disaster kid with Anne Thrax

Photo credit to Andrew MacKay, Marelda photography and random places on the internet. Check out our website or facebook to check out some more awesome photos. Any meme ideas? Forward them to

Much Derby Love

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