Tuesday, 17 September 2013

For Lusty and Joy

Ordinarily we post only once a week but the topic and the people this post is in regards to, are very dear to us and we wanted to spread the word. This weekend past we were fortunate enough to have the wonderfully talented Joy Collision and Lusty Reigns come all the way from the US to share their wealth of knowledge and skill with us here in NZ.

While training with us during one of the drills, the unthinkable happened. Lusty took a fall and broke both her tibia and fibula. The obvious concerns aside, they are now required to stay in NZ for an additional few weeks for surgery and the immediate recovery period. This means that not only did they have to have their flights changed, but they are now facing unexpected living costs in NZ and medical costs back home.

We were desperate to doing anything we could to help. These women are so kind and generous, and would never have asked us for anything. But we really wanted (and needed!) to do SOMETHING. We have set up a 'givealittle' page to help support them during this difficult time. In times like this, derby has a way of pulling together and sharing the love. Please click on the widget below and donate whatever you can. They would never have asked for this themselves so let's show them what being a part of a derby family really means to us. And if you have any derby family you know might like to help out, please share this blog post.

Our hearts and thoughts are with you both Lusty and Joy,
Derby family love,

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