Sunday, 25 August 2013

Massive roller derby hits immortalised on camera!

A couple of posts ago we put together a bunch of action shots of hilarious derby facials. So we thought we would compile another set of photos but change up the theme a little this time. The hard hitting, fast action nature of our awesome sport means that, every now and then, we find skaters aren't always firmly planted on the floor. Here are some wicked shots of airtime during gameplay for your enjoyment...... Photo credit to Andrew MacKay and Marelda photography.

Fox-Z practices falling as elegantly as she can...

Orkazzmic goes for a mid-air spin....I can't actually figure out how she got into this position....

Mickey Malice - "What did you say about my wifey?!?!"

Neon Needle - "Hey you! Floor! Come at me bro"

Evil K'nevil is just hanging out in midair, while playing for a DD charity team

Sister Strychnine and Breaking Bridges - Sometimes we like to play zumba derby, cause that's just how we roll

Storm Rising, Diva DemolisHER, Orkazzmic - You know it's an awesome shot when 75% of the skaters are mid-air

Ana Phylaxis and Ruby Smash: Smash has a suspicious look on her face in the background while Phlax just goes for a casual tumble with a smile
Much Derby Love

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