Thursday, 1 August 2013

Welcome our B-team: The Bonnie Brawlers!

As promised, we are launching "Talk derby to me" with some incredibly exciting news! Announcing the first ever Dunedin Derby B-team.....

The Bonnie Brawlers

Check out the amazing Brawlers and their profiles here. These girls live and breathe roller derby and promise to be a formidable force on the track. Training alongside their Gallow Lass sisters, the two teams identify strongly with the Scottish heritage of Dunedin, donning their teams tartan on the track.

The Brawlers will be making their debut bout in Christchurch on September 28th against the Living Dead Rollers, and guarantee a wicked night of derby. And as if this isn't enough, the Brawlers will be playing in a bout against Richter city, along with their A-team Gallow Lass sisters on November 23rd on Dunedin turf. We have a few more exciting announcements up our sleeves, so be sure to follow us here on our website, or facebook so you don't miss out.