Sunday, 15 September 2013

We never skip leg day at World Fitness Centre

When we're not hitting it hard on the track, we're training hard at our favourite gym World Fitness. Derby muggles or derby skeptics often question whether derby is a sport. Quite frankly there is no question about it. Training for roller derby demands both a mental and physical commitment. We can be required to train on the track anywhere up to 4 times a week and cross train an additional 4 times a week. Only the tough stick it out in this awesome sport so if you are looking at a derby girl or boy, it is safe to assume that they are one gung-ho, kick-ass, fit and strong person.

Dunedin Derby are incredibly lucky to have World Fitness as one of our key sponsors. We like to make sure we make full use of the gym as often as we can. Through their support, we are stronger, fitter, and faster both on and off the track. So shout out to World Fitness to say how much we appreciate you guys!

Check out some pics below of our derby girls hitting it harder at World Fitness...

We got into a 4-person press up stack, how many can you do?

Train as a team, play as a team

Group fitness working hard so we can play hard

Because a standard push up was too mainstream

But whatever we're doing, we never forget to have fun

See you on the track ;)
Derby love

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