Sunday, 1 December 2013

Capital Punishment

Apologies for the missing blog last week, with our season closer "Capital Punishment" having been last Saturday, we figured we would wait until we had some decent pics in from our fantastic photographer Poparazzi to share with you all. So lets play catch up!

Leading up to our season closer we had our super successful car wash, thanks to our fantastic fundraising team, where our DD girls were looking just as flash as some of the cars coming in. Thank you to everyone who made it along to this.

During this time we were also busy producing our signature style DD videos for promotion of our upcoming bout. Check out our YouTube channel for a quick look. The season closer may be over but the videos may still tickle a derbians fancy. And massive thanks to our talented artist/skater May Maim who put in hours of drawing for our animation video explaining the basics of roller derby.

Now to get to Capital Punishment itself. DD were up against one of the most skilled teams in NZ Richer City Roller Derby, so needless to say, they were HARD games. The Bonnie Brawlers and the Gallow Lasses fought hard and they fought fast making Richter city earn every point that they got. The overall outcome was in Richters favour for both their Convicts and All Stars but Dunedin Derby loved every second of it. It's not every day you get the opportunity to play a couple of teams of such incredible skaters and experience. And it's also not every day that we get to show NZ what Dunedin Derby has to offer, and we only get this opportunity by taking on teams of greater experience, teams that will challenge us to play our best and help us to be better than ever before. With NZ trials in the very near future we are excited to see NZ derby put itself on the map and wish the skaters trialling the very best. For the time being, satiate your appetite for derby action with some highlight pics from Capital Punishment below....

The Bonnie Brawlers vs the Richter City Convicts

The Gallow Lasses vs the All Stars

AND last but not least, lets not forget all the NSOs, MCs and the refs that make our bouts possible! We are eternally grateful for you guys!

So as far as 2013 Dunedin Derby bouts go, that's all she wrote! But that doesn't mean DD will be slowing down, you will still see us popping up around the community doing our share to remain involved. We will also be holding our family skate sessions over the December and January months so if you or your kids are itching to do something, come along and join. Keep your eyes peeled for confirmed dates on our facebook page. Just yesterday, Dunedin put on a little sunshine for our Santa Parade, which we were lucky enough to be a part of thanks to our fantastic sponsors Classic Hits. And coming up will be our annual awards party so make sure you stay tuned to find out who were the "Best of 2013".

We will leave you on that note, till next week
Derby love
Dunedin Derby

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